Здравствуйте, мне нужно описание фотографии на английском языке в present continuous

а где фотография?)))
Вот с мамой и папой в питере

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In this picture we are visiting Peterhof. I am taking a picture and my family are posing in front of me. My brother is clinging to our mother and Dad is standing slightly aside. There are some other people walking at the background. Water is blasting off in the middle of the fountain. A couple of ducks are swimming in the fountain. A lot of clouds are flying in the sky.

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On the picture you can see my family. My parents and I are standing in front of one of the ponds with fountains (in Peterhof???). The fountains are not working. The weather isn't fine that day: the sun is not shining, the clouds are covering all the sky and a rather strong wind is blowing. We are not smiling - I don't remember why. But we are looking at the photographer with attention.