Choose the right item.
1. Frustrated is …

a) feeling happy

b) feeling annoyed and impatient

c) feeling strange

d) feeling good

2. Benefit is …

a) disadvantage

b) harm

c) help, support

d) damage

3. Harm is …

a) advantage

b) damage

c) benefit

d) help

4. Lift is …

a) go

b) raise

c) drive

d) pick

5. Improve is …

a) make better, perfect

b) make bigger

c) make worse

d) make less

6. The Gang is … than the Yamuna.

a) long

b) the longer

c) the longest

d) longer

7. That day was … than the day before.

a) bad

b) more bad

c) worse

d) the worst

8. This is … building I’ve ever seen.

a) high

b) higher

c) much higher

d) the highest

9. … way to cook chicken is to roast it.

a) good

b) well

c) better

d) the best

10. The … you start your work, the … results you’ll have.

a) soon, good

b) soonest, best

c) sooner, better

d) sooner, good

11. Do you have a problem? The sooner you deal with it, the sooner you will get … it.

a) with

b) on

c) along

d) over with

12. The cheese smells awful. Perhaps it has gone … .

a) of

b) off

c) through

d) by

13. The sales of his models have brought …large amounts of money since last year.

a) up

b) back

c) out

d) in

14. Her aunt brought her … as her parents died.

a) back

b) out

c) up

d) in

15. Do you feel like you can’t get your ideas … ?

a) off

b) over

c) across

d) by

16. He left … home without informing us.

a) -

b) a

c) the

d) an

17. … president of … USA is a very busy man.

a) A, the

b) The, the

c) -, -

d) The, -

18. … tracksuit he bought yesterday was the wrong size.

a) a

b) an

c) -

d) the

19. … life can be very hard for … poor.

a) -, a

b) A, a

c) The, the

d) -, the

20. … Mount Everest is … highest in … world.

a) The, -, the

b) The, the, the

c) -, the, the

d) -, a,

21. My sister has just started a great career … advertising.

a) of

b) in

c) by

d) with

22. Roger is … charge of this project.

a) on

b) in

c) of

d) over

23. The employees were … pressure to meet tough deadline.

a) under

b) over

c) with

d) by

24. I’m jealous … my best friend’s result in English.

a) of

b) with

c) at

d) in

25. You should be patient … your parents.

a) with

b) by

c) to

d) in

26. Sometimes my father had to meet … .

a) tough time

b) tough line

c) tough deadlines

d) deathlines

27. Who … a new explosive, dynamite?

a) opened

b) discovered

c) found

d) invented

28. The company is growing and needs more … .

a) employers

b) employees

c) colleagues

d) students

29. The company has announced an increase in the worker’s hourly … .

a) money

b) wages

c) salary

d) earnings

30. Columbus … America in 1492.

a) found

b) founded

c) discovered

d) opened

31. He usually … financial control over these projects.

a) take

b) is taking

c) takes

d) took

32. I … . Can you tell Rosemary I’ll see her tomorrow?

a) leave

b) leaves

c) will leave

d) am leaving

33. I …a successful business trip last month.

a) have

b) will have

c) has had

d) had

34. It … a pleasure to do business with you today.

a) is

b) was

c) were

d) has been

35. Look outside! It … .

a) snows

b) snowing

c) is snowing

d) are snowing

36. You … always nervous about your exams.

a) get

b) is always getting

c) will get

d) are always getting

37. I think you … your exam successfully.

a) are passing

b) pass

c) will pass

d) are going to pass

38. Watch out! You … down the stairs.

a) will fall

b) is
going to fall

c) are falling

d) are going to fall

39. He phoned to say he … his bag on the plane.

a) has left

b) left

c) had left

d) has been leaving

40. He … this company since 1999.

a) have owned

b) owns

c) owned

d) has owned

41. When I was in the garden, the sun … and the birds … in the trees.

a) shone, sang

b) has been shining, have been singing

c) were shining, were singing

d) was shining, were singing

42. Mark and Lucy … for five hours when they stopped to eat lunch.

a) were travelling

b) have been travelling

c) travelled

d) had been travelling

43. Sally … all the housework by the time I get home.

a) have done

b) has done

c) had did

d) had done

44. Lora … wonderful after she … a few kilos.

a) looks, lost

b) looked, has lost

c) look, had lost

d) looked, had lost

45. I … Dad … upstairs.

a) am thinking, is sleeping

b) am thinking, sleeps

c) think, sleep

d) think, is sleeping.


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1b) 2c) 3b) 4b) 5a) 6d) 7c) 8d) 9d) 10c) 11d) 12b) 13d) 14c) 15c) 16a) 17b) 18d) the
19d) 20c) 21b) 22b) 23a) 24a) 25a) 26c) 27b) 28b) 29b) 30c) 31c) takes 32d) 33d) 34d) 35c) 36d) 37b) c) d) все три приемлемы 38
d) 39c) 40d) 41d) 42d) 43d) 44d) 45d)