Помогите придумать 6 !СЛОЖНОПОДЧИНЕННЫХ! предложений на английском в Future Perfect


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By the time you come home, I will have cooked dinner.
I'll have written my composition by the time you ring me up.
You will have spent much efforts before you can run a marathon.
Before the end of my holiday I shall/will have spent all my money.
When I arrive, you will have gone to bed, baby. 
The editor needs your article on Monday but I see you will not (won’t) have finished it by that moment.
спасибо, а то я 6 придумала, а остальные было лень
:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Согласна. 12 однотипных предложений-перебор!:))))
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I will have finished this work before you go.
Everyone will have forgotten me in a year.
The workers will have built this school by the first of September.
 He will have watched TV but he was tired.
 She will have bought bread but the bakery was closed.

He said that he will
 have done his homework before evening.