Describe the picture. Use the question (Ex.26) as a plan.
words below may help you. light and nice-looking, Christmas candles,
special stockings for presidents on the fireplace, a big Christmas tree
with colourful toys, Christmas presents under the tree, arrange a party,
have fun, enjoy Christmas dinner, take photos, wish "Merry Christmas"

Картинка к заданиям


Ответы и объяснения

In the picture we can see Woodings’ apartment. It is light and nice-looking. Christmas candles are on the table and on the fireplace.  On the fireplace are also special stockings for presents. Mr. Wooding and his son dress up a big Christmas tree with colorful toys. There are many Christmas presents under the tree. Look! Mrs. Wooding is cooking in the kitchen.  I think, Woodigs are going to arrange a party. Grandmother is speaking  by phone now. Most likely she is  inviting guests. The cat is laying on her knees. The grandfather is taking photos. The granddaughter is writing a letter to Santa. The dog dressed like deer is sitting in the middle of the room. I think, they will have fun, enjoy the Christmas dinner, wish "Merry Christmas" to each other this evening.