1. Напишите множественное число
Table, book, mouse, news, trousers,fruit, life, tooth, money, teacher
2. Вставьте нужное местоимение.
1. ... are at home.
2. ... am a student.
3. ... is twenty.
4. Lisa and ...are good friends.
3. Задайте вопрос.
1. Mark is sixteen.
2. His name is Mark.
3. Mark is a teacher.
4. This is his wife.
4. Употребите глагол to be внужной форме, а затем во второй части употребите нужное местоимение.
1. She ...my friend.... name is Mary Water.
2. The boys ...from Russia. ..girl-friends are from the UK.
3. Oh, you ...a goodwriter! ..books are very popular.
4. I ...a doctor and... husband is a businessman.
5. Употребите притяжательный падеж.
1My sister, book
2The boys, hats
3His uncle, car
4Her father, glasses
5These women, dogs
6. Употребите в правильной форме.
1. This works are bad.
2. The hair are long.
3. This girl is fromyour group?
4. This bag is not my.It is her.
5. These students’sbooks are on your table.



Ответы и объяснения

1. tables, books, mice, news, trousers, fruit, life's, teeth, moneys, teachers
2. we, I, she, me
3. how old is Mark?
what is his name?
what is Mark's job?
who is she?
4. is, her
are, their
are, your
am, my
5. my sister's book
her father's glasses
these women's dog