III. Перепишите.
Вставьте глагол tobe в нужной

1. She (am,
is, are) a teacher.

2. Bob (am,
is, are) a sportsman.

3. Jane (am,
is, are) a teacher.

4. You (am,
is, are) a student.

5. It (am,
is, are) a bag.

6. Rex (am,
is, are) a dog.

7. I (am,
is, are) a pupil.

V. Определите, в
каких сочетаниях употреблено причастие I, а в каких -
герундий. Переведите словосочетания на родной язык.

A shopping centre .A swimming match .A swimming girl .A
working drawing. The working class. A meeting place. A girl crossing the busy
square. A street crossing. Drinking water. An exciting TV show. The coming

существительные в следующих предложениях во множественное число.

1. A new
house is in our street.

2. This
story is very interesting.

3. A woman,
a man, a boy and a girl are the room.

4. In the
farm-yard we see an ox, a sheep, a cow and a goose.

5. Put this
knife on that table.

6. Is this
worker an Englishman or a German? – he is a French – man.

7. What is
your name?

8. He keeps
his toy in a box.

9. This man
works at our office.

IX.Напишите по

марта 1999 года; 1 сентября 1974
года. 22 апреля 1911 года. 11 марта 1651
года.12 декабря 2024 года.


Ответы и объяснения

III. Перепишите.
Вставьте глагол tobe в нужной

1.      She is a teacher.

2.      Bob is a sportsman.

3.      Jane is a teacher.

4.      You are a student.

5.      It is a bag.

6.      Rex is a dog. 

7.      I am a pupil.

1.New houses are in our street 

2.These stories are very interesting 
3.Woman, men, boys and girls are in the room 
4.In the farm yard we see oxes, sheep, cows and geese. 
5.Put these knives on that table. 
6.Are these workers Englishmen or German? - They are Frenchmen 
7.What are your names? 
8.He keeps his toys in boxes 
9.These men work at our office.