Письмо на английском. Надо поздравить друга или подругу с новогодними праздниками.Рассказать как ты собираешься проводить зимние каникулы. Заранее огромное спасибо!


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Dear friend,
It was so great to hear from you again !
First of all, let me say to you three words. Happy New Year, sweetheart! How was this year? Do you find new friends? How do you gonna celebrate this beautiful holiday? I' m sure your celebration will be cool!
As about me, well, I will be at home with my parents. Some people think it's boring but I do not agree. I love my mom and dad. Also I will definitely go skiing. I adore winter so I'm sure this one will be perfect.
Sorry gotta go now! Have tons of homework :(
Take care an keep in touch!