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Shall go, reach
Is, shall have
Aren't, shall eat
Doesn't go, won't get
Sells, will afford
Goes wrong, will deliver
Change, won't be able
Shall take, rains
Doesn't wear, will get
Doesn't win, will be
Shall be, comes
Gets, shall lose
Hurries, will miss
Doesn't work, will forget, knows

Will become, graduates
Shall have, gets
Will make, comes
Will visit, arrives
Will relax, hears
Dvelopes, changes
Will go, sets
Won't buy, pays, owes
Will be able, takes
Will be studied, is delivered
Will be happy, comes
Won't be able, comes, unlocks
Will seem, are over
Will change, stops, clears up
Won't recover, takes

Will tell, will play
Shan't be, will last
Will returne
Will come, will be
Wonders, will bring
Will be
Wants, will make
Will recover
Will finish, will do
Wonder, will stop
Knows, will keep
Will be