Помогите мне пожалуйста ,сочините мне не большое сочинение про рождество в Англии очень срочно !


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The spacious and pustovat stores in usual days - hype : first, it is necessary to have time to buy a bunch of gifts and stock up on food - 24, 25 and sometimes 26 December most shops are closed . Secondly , you can not miss an opportunity to buy something at a discount long coveted . Red stickers "Sale" appear at the beginning of December and the middle of the month they are covered with all the doors and windows of shops . In all stores , including food , a huge amount of different Christmas toys : small Santa Claus, bells, silver crescents balls with wishes.
В просторных и пустоватых в обычные дни магазинах - ажиотаж: во-первых, надо успеть купить кучу подарков и запастись едой - 24, 25, а иногда и 26 декабря большинство магазинов закрыто. Во-вторых, нельзя же упустить случай купить что-нибудь давно желанное со скидкой. Красные наклейки "Sale" появляются в самом начале декабря, а к середине месяца ими оклеены все двери и витрины магазинов. Во всех магазинах, включая продуктовые, огромное количество разных рождественских игрушек: маленькие санта-клаусы, колокольчики, серебряные полумесяцы, шары с пожеланиями.
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Christmas in England
The English enjoy beautiful Christmas music. They love to decorate Christmas Trees and hang up evergreen branches.

One England's customs is mummering. In the Middle Ages, people called mummers put on masks and acted out Christmas plays. These plays are still performed in towns and villages.

The English gift giver is called Father Christmas. He wears a long red or green robe, and leaves presents in stockings on Christmas Eve. However, the gifts are not usually opened until the following afternoon.

Christmas in England began in AD 596, when St Augustine landed on her shores with monks who wanted to bring Christianity to the Anglo Saxons.

Father Christmas delivers them during the night before Christmas. The Children leave an empty stocking or pillowcase hanging at the end of the bed. In the morning they hope it will be full of presents.

In England the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day because boys used to go round collecting money in clay boxes. When the boxes were full, they broke them open.

In England Christmas dinner was usually eaten at Midday on December 25, during daylight.

In England, the only thing that people ate on the day before the feast was Frumenty, which is, was a kind of porridge made from corn. Over the years the recipe changed. Eggs, fruit, spice, lumps of meat and dried plums were added. The whole mixture was wrapped in a cloth and boiled. This is how plum pudding began.

In England the traditional Christmas dinner is roast turkey with vegetables and sauces. For dessert it is rich, fruity Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. Mince pies, pastry cases filled with a mixture of chopped dried fruit.

In England also they elect Boy Bishops in commemoration of St. Nicholas compassion for children. These mock bishops were allowed to do the duties of the ecclesiastic except deliver the Mass.