Напишите пож 30 предложений о проблеме в английском языке. e-mail другу


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  • marsyu
  • почетный грамотей

Dear Judith,I*m sorryn you have problems with falling asleep.But do not worry I have some really good pieces of advice for you.You should always get up at the same time,even at the weekends.I*ts also a good idea to do some sport.Then your body is tired as well as your mind.I*ts best not to eat 3hours and not to work for at least 2hours before going to sleep.Instead, do something for fun or something relaxing.You could try a warm bath to relax your muscles an hour before you*re going to bad.You could listen to calm music,read something light or watch something peaceful on TV.It*s also a good idea to have a hot milky drink about 20 minutes before bedtime.You should always go to bed more or less at the same time.When you are already in bed,concentrate on your breathing.It will make you bored and you easily fall asleep.It*s important not to take any medicines.They can be really dangerous for your health.Good luck!Your Anne