А вы не поможете написать сочинение по английскому языку - "Как я отметил новый год"


Ответы и объяснения


1.I think that New Year*s Day is a family holiday

2. Every year all our relatives come to us to celebrate it.

3. In the morning we begin to cook a lot of tasty and special dishes.

4. I clean our flat and decorate the rooms.

5. There is a tradition in our family to decorate a New Year tree together:my parents. my sister and I.

6. It*s a very interesting process with wonderful result.

7. If the weather is fine we try to go skiing or skating.

8. In the evening we begin to lay the table/

9. Usually we turn on the TV set and watch popular films or listen to the concerts.

10. When our guests come to us we meet the holiday happily and give presents to each other.

11. We always prepare different competitions with surprises.

12. We like tio sing karaoke. because it*s our hobby/

13. The New Year is the best holiday for all my family!

12. All the day