Пожалуйста, помогите срочнооо!!
Нужны глаголы поставить в правильное время,в скобках оно уже указано. Надеюсь на помощь! времена обозначены - Pr I,F I, P I, P C, F P, P P,PR P и.т.д.
25) We (to do) this work next week, when we (to finish) our project (F I, Pr I)
26)You (to go) to the dentist often or seldom? (Pr I)
27)Our neighbour (to live) here for many years (Pr P C)
28) All day tomorrow I (to prepare) for the test(F C)
29) It was warm , so I (to take) off my coat (P I)
30)They ( to make) a number of important experiments in this laboratory last year (P I)
31)Why you ( to ask) him about his holidays last time? (P I)
32) She ( not to give) him her address till she ( to know) him better (F I, Pr I)
33) 5 minutes ago my little brother (to be) here and now he (to play) in the yard. (P I , Pr C)
34)It was hard carrying the bags, They (to be) very heavy (P I)
35)She ( to make) already coffee when we ( to enter) the kitchen. (P P, PI)

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Ответы и объяснения

25) will do; finish; 26) do you go; 27) has been living; 28) will be preparing; 29) took off; 30) made; 31) why did you ask; 32) won't give; knows; 33) was; is playing; 34) were; 35) had already made; entered