An old gentleman was very unhappy about young boys who lived near him. They were always noisy, played the guitar loudly and sang strange songs. The old gentleman thought they had very bad manners and didn’t know the difference between right and wrong.
One day he was taking a walk in the park near his home when he saw some young boys standing around a small cat. The old man went up to the boys and asked them what was happening. One of the boys said to him: “We are having a competition. We’re telling lies and the one who tells the biggest one will keep this cat.”
The old gentleman thought that was a good opportunity to teach the boys good manners and to give them a useful lesson. So, he said to them: “I’ve never told a lie in my life!” When the boys heard these words they shouted: “You’ve won! You can take the cat!”
Выберети правельные ответы.Если вы нашли не правильные,то исправьте их.
1.The old gentleman made friends with the boys
2.The little cat didnot belong to any of the boys
3.The man wanted to win the competition.
4.The old man told the biggest lie.
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Ответы и объяснения

Я думаю, что 1 не подходит, ведь джентльмен не подружился с мальчиками...) =>fals
2 да, верно, кот не принадлежал никому из мальчиков =>true
3, ничего не было сказано, что он хотел выиграть => fals
3... ну, в тексте сказано, что он солгал “You’ve won! You can take the cat!” true