. Замените активное предложение пассивным, сохраняя временную форму активного предложения.

Model: Somebody cleans the room every day. = The room IS CLEANED every day.

1. A loud noise woke us last night.


2. Somebody was recording our talks.


3. They are telling him his duties at the moment.


4. We shall give you much time to decide.


5. They have shown me a new machine.


6. Mary wrote him the letter.


3 ______

2. Используйте глагол в скобках в соответствующей ситуации временной форме и залоге (активном или пассивном).

1. Amazon river (influence) the planet’s ecology greatly. Forty percent of the world’s oxygen (produce) there. _____________________________________________________________________


2. The game (win, probably) by the other team tomorrow. It (play) much better than we do.


3. The Government (support) higher education in the country, but today it (support) by students’ paying also. __________________________________________________________________


4. Though the reconstruction old buildings (cost) much, many historically important buildings (reconstruct) in Kyiv every year. _________________________________________________


5. The Prime Minister’s speech (listen to) with the great interest and the discussion (continue, still).


Ответы и объяснения

We were woken by a loud noise last night.
Our talks had beeing recorded by somebody.
His duties are being told him.
I must be given much time to decide.
A new machine has been shown me.
The letter was written to him.

influences, is produced
will be probably won, plays
supports, is supported
cost,are reconstructed
is listened to, is still continuing