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Choose the best answer for each space. One of more answer can be correct.
1) How much______?
a)it costs b)does it cost c)it cost d)is it
2)When_______him last?
a)you saw b)have you seen c) you see d) did you see
3) I can't help you. I've got______time.
a)no b)a litte c)few d)little
4) Who_______the winow?
a)break b)did break c) broke
5)(If)When he______, we _______it over
a)comes, talk b)will come, will talk c) comes, will talk d)come, will talk
6)If i____ a big sum of money, I would buy a car.
a)win b)won c)will win
7) He said he________that man before.
a)never met b)did not meet c)had never met
8)I hope she_______come
a)will b)is going to c)comes d) is coming
9) I meet you________Wednesday
a)at b)on c)in
10)This is_________book you asked me about
a)one b)a c)the d(nothing)
Which is the correct transformation?
Who delivered the parcel? a)By whom the parcel was delivered?
b)Who was the parcel delivered by?
c)How was the parcel delivered?
I knew that we _________be late a)will be
b)are going to
c)were going to
Which is the correct transformation?
The polise is now questioning the criminals.
a) the criminals are how being questioned by the police
b)The criminals are now questioned
c)The criminals are now questioning
d) The criminals are now being questioned
He______be at home, I'm sureof it.
a)Has to

Fill the eacr gap with the suitable form of the verb in bracket.
Today more and more electronic equipment (1)_________(use) in films. Office automation (2)__________(make) possible be the silicon chup and micro-Technology. Everything from mali to telephone calls and meetings can (3)______(deal with) by modern technoligy. It (4)______(hope) that productivity (5)_______(raise). Some employees, however are worried that office (6)______(control) by impressional technoligy.
Managers are generally enthusiastic about office automation because the prise of communication hardware (7)__________(reduse) continuously is recent years. Those who have already had experience with office automation maintain that the time for fase-to-fase communication (8)________(increase) since it (9)__________(introduce). Firms (10)________(force) to take electronic office seriously because administrative costs are rising all the time


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