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1 Human

On 10
December 1948, the United Nations

General Assembly adopted the Universal

Declaration of Human Rights, which has become

a (1) ... standard for defending and promoting

human rights. Every year on 10 December, Human

Rights Day marks the adoption of the Universal

Declaration which states that "Human beings

are born with (2) ... rights and fundamental


In 2006, Human Rights Day focused on (3) ...

poverty as a matter of obligation, not of charity.

Poverty is (4) ... by human rights violations. The

links between human rights and poverty should be

obvious: people whose rights are (5) ... are more

likely to be poor. Generally they find it harder

Rights Day

or impossible to participate in the labour market

and have little or no access to (6) ... services and

resources. Meanwhile, the poor in many societies

cannot enjoy their rights to education, health

and housing simply (7) ... they cannot afford

them. And poverty affects all human rights: for

example, low income can prevent people from

accessing education, which in turn inhibits their

participation in public life and their ability to

influence the policies affecting them.

Governments and those in a position of

authority must (8) ... responsibility for dealing

(9) ... poverty. The realisation of human rights —

including the fight against poverty — is a duty,

not a mere aspiration.

1 A whole В universal С complete D typical

2 A similar В same С equal D identical

3 A fighting В saving С encouraging D breaking

4 A caused в led с resulted D made

5 A lessened в broken с decreased D neglected

6 A simple в basic с unimportant D extra

7 A so that в but с because D as

8 A make в support с take D contribute

9 A on в about с over D with

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1 В universal 2  С equal 3 A fighting 4 A caused 5 D neglected 6 в basic 7 с because
8 с take 9 A D with