The 8 th form (Unit 2)

Present Passive= is/are+V3+by

Past Passive=was/were+V3+by

Future Passive=will+be+V3+by

Make sentences Passive. He speaks English very well. My Dad repaired an old car yesterday. My parents will buy jeans foe my birthday. Children will clean the park next weekend. Spacemen put on his spacesuit every day. She made a model of a plane the day before yesterday.

Conditional II = If + S. Past , would + V1

Transform my sentences using Conditional II use NOT is it is nessecery. If we… (plant) more forests, we…(save) wild animals. We…(have) so many problems, if we…(take care) of our planet. If we…(be) clever and careful, we…(live) among litter and waste.

Conditional III = If +Past Perfect , would + have+V3

Transform sentences using Conditional III, use NOT if it is nessecery. If people…(pollute) the planet, many species of animals…(disappear). The environmental problems…(appear), if people…(invent)different machines. If countries…(spend) more money on research, scientists…(solve) some problems.


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English is spoken very well by him.
An old car was repared yesterday by my dad..
Jeans will be bought for my birthday
by my parents.
The park will be cleaned by children next weekend.
Spacesuit is put on by spaceman every day.
 A model of a plane
was made by her the day before yesterday.
If we planted more forests, we would save) wild animals.
We would have) so many problems, if we did not take care) of our planet.
If we were not clever and careful, we would live) among litter and waste.  
If people had not polluted the planet, many species of animals would not have disappeared.
The environmental problems would not have appeared, if people had not invented different machines.
If countries had spent more money on research, scientists would have solved some problems.