Make up 12 sentences

He (cook) pizza

2)at the moment
3)for an hour
6)when he cam
7)for an hour when he came
8)yesterday by 5 o'clock
9)tomorrow at 6 o'clock
10)tomorrow by 6 o'clock
11)next year for 3 years already
Помогите срочно!!!


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1)He cooks pizza often
2)He is cooking pizza at the moment
3)He has been cooking pizza for an hour
4)He has cooked pizza already
5)He cooked pizza yesterday
6)He was cooking pizza when he came
7)He had been cooking pizza for an hour when he came
8)He had cooked pizza yesterday by 5 o'clock
9)He will be cooking pizza tomorrow at 6 o'clock
10)He will have cooked pizza tomorrow by 6 o'clock
11)He will have been cooking pizza next year for 3 years already 
12)He will cook pizza tomorrow