III. Замените выделенные слова
личными местоимениями в объектном падеже:

1)Give the secretary this green pen,

2)Send the offer to GML.

3)Give me and my friend this letter,

4)Answer the manager's questions,

5)We don't know this man and his wife.

VII.​Поставьте вопросы к подчеркнутым словам:
1) Our company is very large.
2) We've got offices in different cities.
3) Mr. Petrov meets customers every day.
4) Our managers usually come to the office at 9 in the morning.
5) We often stay in the office all day.


Ответы и объяснения

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1)Give the secretary itplease.
2)Send it to GML.
3)Give us this letter, please.
4)Answer themplease.
5)We don't know them.

VII.​Поставьте вопросы к подчеркнутым словам:
1) What is very large?
2) Where have we got offices?.
3) Whom does Mr. Petrov meet every day?
4) Who usually comes to the office at 9 in the morning?
     When do our managers usually come to the office?.
5) How often do we stay in the office all day?