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The problem of climate changing is very important nowadays. Some people are concerned very seriously while others believe that there is no link between human activity and this problem. And I am of opinion that this is a really serious matter.

To start with, everything what is going on with the climate is really serious because arctic ice has begun melting so that it can lead to the global elevation of the ocean level. Moreover, climate changing can be caused by the air pollution. Our plants produce a lot of harmful substances which destroy the ozone layer and solar radiation can cause overheating of the planet. Besides, changing climate is very dangerous for animals and all human beings because our habitat is also changing.

But some people are of opinion that global warming and climate changing are not connected to human factors, that people are only trying to make their life better and more comfortable. And everything what we do has only a positive purpose. And finally most people consider that nature and its resources are unlimited and it can bear any thing what we do to it.

In conclusion, I believe, humans should protect nature and appreciate what it gives to us, because we are all children of nature. And the matter of climate changing should be taken seriously too.
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