Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Perfect.1.I (be) to Paris. 2.I think the director (leave) the town. 3. We (know) her since she arrived to our city. 4.I (forget) your name.5. He (close) the door? 6. He (do) it since we left him. 7. They (leave) Moscow this month? 8. He (not bring) a lot of French papers. 9.I (get) a long letter from father this week.10. She just (come); she will speak to you in a minute. 11. This order (lead) to many misunderstandings.12. He (write) his name on my book.


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1have been
2has left
3have known
4have forgot
5has closed
6has done
7have left
8hasn't brought
9have got
10has come
11has leaded
12has written

1)have been
2) has left
3) have known
4) have forgotten your name
5) has he closed
6) has done
7) have left
8) hast't brought
9).have gotten
10) has come
11) has leaded
12) has written