change the questions into inderect ones. Begin with Did you know, I wonder or He asked me.
1) Did you go out last night? 2) Are single-parlent families becoming more common in Russia?
3) Who does he know from group 302? 4) How long will the interview last? 5) What kind of chocolate tastes best? 5) Who will fulfil this speak? 6)does she live in the flat above you? 7) Where did they spend their vacantion?


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1) I wonder if you went out last night.
I wonder if single-parlent families are becoming more common in Russia.
He asked me if he knew somebody from group 302.
Did you know how long the interview would last?
I wonder what kind of chocolate tastes best.
Did you know who would fulfil this speak?
I wonder if she lives in the flat above you.
Did you know where they had spent their vacantion?