Передайте предложения в passive voice )пожалуйста буду очень благодарна

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3. His mistake will be forgiven by us.
4. I wasn't allowed by my mother to cime late.
5. We are taught English by her.
6. Excursion was organized well by guide.
7. this question will be discussed by us in our office.
8. many trees were planted by pupils ear school.
9. Dinner will be served by her at two o'clock.
10. A cup was broken by my little sister.
11. The dishes are washed by us every day.
12. The telegram will be sent by grandmother.
13. this medidcine was prescribed me by my doctor.
14. The way to her house was showed me by the man.
15. the tickets were booked by my brother.
16. This text will be translated by me in the morning.
17. an interesting article was written by jane 
18. patients are examined by the doctor every day