1. Techmachinoexport ______________a lot of business with Goodman & Co. for the last few years. A/ has made B/ has done c/ has sent

2. The experts _____________ the lastest catalogues of the firm.

a/ has gone through b/ looked for c/ has read

3. Mr. Kozlov asked Mr. Zotov to make ________________with Mr. Lipman of Goodman & Company. a/ an appointment b/ business c/ contract

4. I’d like to have a word with you about our _______ for compressors.

a/ firm b/ meet c/ order

5. Is it possible to __________ training for our operators in your training centers?

a/ reduce b/ arrange c/ contact

6. We _________ technical support for all our equipment.

a/ provide b/ arrange c/ study

7. They found that their compressors were of the latest _________.

a/ terms b/ offer c/ design

8. So Mr. Kozlov decided to meet Mr. Lipman again to________ the offer.

a/ discuss b/ speak c/notice

9. We’ve concluded a lot of _________ at those prices lately.

a/ transactions b/ catalogues c/ equipment

10. I’ll contact my people and let you know their ________later.

a/ quality b/ reply c/ price


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1. B/ has done
2.   b/ looked for
 3.  a/ an appointment
4.  c/ order
5. b/ arrange
6.  a/ provide
 7. c/ design 
8. a/ discuss
9.  a/ transactions
10.  b/ reply