Помогите плиииииз)
Choose the correct verb.
9. Neither of the cars (is/are] equipped with antilock brakes.
10. The flock of geese (was/were] startled by the shotgun blast.
11. The data on my computer (was/were] completely erased when the power failed.
12. Mathematics and history (is/are] my favorite subjects.
13. None of the roast (was/were] eaten.
14. All of the games (was/were] played on real grass fields.
15. Pride and Prejudice (is/are] my favorite Jane Austen novel.
16. Neither of the twins (is/are] allergic to penicillin.
17. Much of what I hear in those lectures (goes/go] in one ear and out the other.
18. Amy, along with Jamie and Jen, (is/are] applying to Mount Holyoke.
19. None of the books (was/were] considered fit for public consumption.
20. All of the eggplant (was/were] used to make the sauce.
21. Amid the lilies and wildflowers (was/were] one solitary rose.
22. Either Ben or his brothers (is/are] in charge of bringing the drinks.
23. There (is/are] hardly even a speck of dirt left on the carpet.
24. "Stop rightthere!" (shouts/shout] the Bailey brothers, who are standingin frontof me.
25. Either the Donovans or Dave (is/are] going to bring the plates.
26. There (is/are] at least a hundred people here


Ответы и объяснения

9. are
10. was
11. was
12 are
13 was
14 were
15 are
16 is
17 goes
18 is
19 was
20 were
21 was
22 are
23 is
24 shout
25 is
26 are
is - ед число
are - мн число
was - ед.ч.
were - мн.ч.
shouts - ед.ч.
shout - мн.ч
( всё это по контексту)