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Plato's ideal state

Theory of ideal state was best represented by Plato in the „State” and developed in the „Laws”. True political art is the art of salvation and the education of the soul, but because Plato puts forward a thesis about the coincidence of true philosophy with genuine politics. Only if a politician becomes a philosopher (and Vice versa), you can build a genuine state based on the highest values of Truth and Good. Build a City-State means knowing until the end of man and his place in the universe.

The state, according to Plato, as the soul, has a three-part structure. In accordance with the basic functions (control, protection and the production of material wealth) the population is divided into three estates: farmers and craftsmen, the guards and the rulers (the wise philosophers). Fair state device must ensure their harmonious coexistence. The first class is derived from the people, in which prevails longing beginning. If they are dominated by virtue of moderation, a kind of love of order and discipline, it is the most respectable people. The second class is derived from the people, in which predominates the strong-willed beginning, duty guard - vigilant against both internal and external danger. According to Plato, the state govern the only aristocrats as the best and most wise citizens..Rulers should be those who know how to love their City more than others who are able to perform their duty with the greatest diligence. And most importantly, if they are able to perceive and contemplate the Good, that is in them are rational and can be rightly called the wise men. So, the perfect state is, in the first bar prevails moderation, in the second - courage and strength, in the third - wisdom.

The concept of fairness is that everyone does what he must do; this applies to citizens of the City and the parts of the soul in the soul. Justice in the outside world manifests itself only when it is in the soul. Therefore in a perfect City should be a perfect education and training, and for each class it has its own peculiarities. Attaches great importance to Plato education custody, as an active part of the population, going out of the rulers. Education, worthy rulers, was to combine practical skills with the development of philosophy. The purpose of education through the knowledge of Good to give a sample, which should resemble the ruler in his desire to embody the Benefit of his country.

In the final of the IX of the book «the State,» it says, «not so important, as it should be or as it may be in a perfect state, enough already, if one lives according to the laws of this City, according to this law, Good, Good and Justice. Before we arise in reality externally, that is, in the history of the Platonic City born inside of a person.

«...you're talking about the state, which we have just studied, which is located only in the area of reasoning, because on earth, I think it's nowhere to be found.
- But maybe in heaven his pattern available to everyone; looking at it, people will think how to arrange it yourself. Is there such a state on the land, and whether it is not important. This man would Affairs of such - and in such a state,»