Напишите письмо,пожалуйста)100-140 слов..Your friend Sergio Tampiere lives in Italy,47900 Rimini,via A.Daria,4.10...I`ve been awarded a scholaship which will allow me to spend one month in a Cambridge language school.It`s a good opportunity for me to improve my English I think you`ll see some progress my letter soon. Be polite!Ask him 3 questions about school.Write his adress


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                                                                                                                         Sergio Tampiere 
                                                                                                                          Via A.Daria,
                                                                                                                         447900 Rimini,

Dear Sergio,  
I was very glad to hear from you. I haven't written for ages because of my sport activities. I took part in a serious completion so I had not much free time.
It’s great that you have been awarded a scholarship. I am proud of you. So you will spend a whole month in a Cambridge language school. I wish I were there too because you see it`s a good opportunity for everyone  to improve their English. Well,  tell me please when you will leave. How will you get to Cambridge? Where will you live? Will anybody of your friends go with you? It’s very interesting to know much more about this language school.   I hope you will tell me everything about you trip and  I`ll see some progress in your English soon.
That's all for me today. I have to go to a school club.   
Best regards to your family. 
Write soon.   
Yours Lena