Which one is different?
All the words in this exercise appear in Units 1-5 of
Headway Pre-Intermediate.
They are in groups of four. Three of the words have things in
common. Underline the one word in each group that is different.
Example castle cathedral cottage house (You can't live in a cathedral.)
a. language translator dictionary art
b. jungle village mountain field
c. handbag wallet suitcase purse
d. word processor fridge freezer cooker
e. video iron Walkman CD player
f. vacuum cleaner dishwasher lamp washing machine
g. pyjamas jumper pillow shirt
h. neck foot chest sock
i. hairdresser shopkeeper customer banker
j. tomorrow morning yesterday evening the day after tomorrow in two weeks' time
k. mushrooms cauliflower pineapple cabbage
l. strawberry cherry pear pea
m. knife saucepan frying pan oven
n. roast bake peel fry
o. butcher's greengrocer's chemist's baker's


Ответы и объяснения

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A. language   translator   dictionary    art  - You can't translate the text with art
b. jungle village   mountain    field - Village is the place where people live
c.   handbag   wallet    suitcase   purse - You can't keep a suitcase in your pocket
d.   word processor   fridge    freezer   cooker - You can't use word processor in the kitchen
e.   video   iron   Walkman   CD player - You can't listen to music using iron
f.   vacuum cleaner   dishwasher    lamp    washing machine - You can't do housework using a lamp
g. pyjamas   jumper   pillow   shirt - You can't wear a pillow
h. neck   foot   chest   sock - You can't name sock as a part of your body
i.   hairdresser   shopkeeper   customer    banker - I can't explain. (все перечисленные слова обозначают профессии, не знаю, КАК объяснить, может, парикмахер не служащий?)
j.   tomorrow morning    yesterday evening the day after tomorrow    in two weeks' time - You can't use "yesterday evening" when you speak about your future
k.  mushrooms   cauliflower   pineapple    cabbage - A pineapple is a fruit not vegetables
l.   strawberry    cherry    pear   pea - A pea isn't berry
m. knife    saucepan    frying pan    oven - You can't use oven as dishes (посуда) 
n.  roast   bake    peel    fry - I can't explain (не подходит слово "снимать кожуру", потому что остальные слова относятся к пособе приготовления пищи: печь, жарить, тушить)
o. butcher's    greengrocer's    chemist's   baker's - You can't buy food in the chemist's