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PACKING by Jerome К. Jerome

Holiday time was near now, and we, that is, Harris and George and I met to discuss our plans. Harris said that the first thing was to discuss what to take with us. He also said that we couldn't take the whole world in a boat. They could take what they really needed.

"It is very important," Harris said, "to have everything we need for a long swim every morning before breakfast." He also said that a long swim always gave him fine appetite. "If you're going to eat more than you usually do," George said, "I think we'll let you go swimming not more than once in three or four days. If you go swimming every day, we'll never have enough food for you. We won't be able to carry so much in the boat. "

So we discussed the food question. "Begin with breakfast," George said. "For breakfast we must have a tea-pot," Harris said, "ham, eggs, bread and butter and jam. It's easy to prepare breakfast with such things. And for lunch — cold meat, bread and butter and jam — but no cheese. " We agreed. Cheese in a boat in summer, little by little becomes the master of all the food. You may think you're eating sausage or meat and potatoes or cake, but it all seems to be cheese.

Choose the right variant:

Variant A

1. ... gathered to discuss holiday plans,

a) two b) three c) some

2. They decided to go ....

a) cycling b) boating c) fishing

3. Harris wanted to take... food,

a) much b) little c) no

4. ... was not good for travelling.

a)hani b) cheese c) tea

5. Jerome's friends ... with him.

a) agreed b) disagreed c) were angry


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1-b three
2-b boating
3-a much
4-b cheese
5-a agreed