Срочно нужно сочинение на английском про собаку по имени хан сочинение не большое строчки 3-4 желательно с переводом


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The dog is one of the first pets that have appeared for a long time in humans.
She selflessly serves his master, never betray and not offend him. The dog is always ready to execute the host. It helps protect the dwelling border cattle . During the Second World War in the field hospitals were serving dog orderlies . And in peacetime rescue dogs serve in a variety of locations, such as now, when disassembling the rubble after a tsunami in Japan , people use search service breeds of dogs . Rescue dogs are looking for people in the mountains, the snow , rescue drowning . It turns out that scent dogs are so developed that it is able to detect a person who is on the nine-meter depth.
Dogs are on the border guard service , helping border guards catch infiltrators , spies and saboteurs .
Also service and hunting dogs , there is another group - a fine dog. The main purpose of these dogs - a loyal friend of the owners. Researchers concluded that a person who has a dog , less sick and live longer .
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