Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужную форму
1. The trains all (stop) … if it snowed heavily.
2. If you (go out) … in cold weather without a coat, you would catch a cold.
3. If I saw a cheap second- hand car, I (buy) … it.
4. If you ate well and exercised regularly, you (live) … 100 years.
5. You would have had stomach ache if you (eat) … too much of that cake.
6. If you did not drive carefully, you (have) … an accident.
7. If you (study) … for a higher qualification, you (get) … a better job next year.
8. If you sent the letter by first class mail, it (get) … there the following day.
Завершите следующие предложения.1. I’ll ask him to lend me the money (если я вижу его).
2. You’ll be late (если не поедете на автобусе).
3. Will you help me (если мне нужна будет ваша помощь)?
4. I’d lend you the money (если бы у меня были деньги).
5. If I had her address (я бы дал вам его).
6. If they had gone by car, (они бы сэкономили время).
7. If my mother won a million pounds, (она бы потратила их очень быстро).
8. If I had more time, (я бы прочитал больше книг).
9. (если я буду чувствовать себя хорошо), I’ll be in class tomorrow.
10. He would have come to the party last Sunday (если бы его пригласили).


Ответы и объяснения

1.would stop
2.went out
3.would buy
4.would live
7.studied,would get
8.would get

1.if I see him
2.if you don't go by bus
3.if I need your help
4.if I had them
5.I would give it to you
6.they would save the time
7.she would spend them very quickly
8.I would read more books
9.if I feel myself well
10.if he was invited