Помогите !!!задание такое.
Make guestions with the word and gave the answers
Example:Wath\she\read?-read\a magazine-what is she reading?-she is reading a magazin.

1.What\he\write-write\a letter
2.Where\she\skate?-skate\the park
3.What\they\do?-do \homework
4.What\the children\do?-decorate\the Christmas thee
5.Who\Ann\feed?-feed\the bards
6/Wrere\the frends\take photos?-take photos\the zoo


Ответы и объяснения

What is he writing? he is writing a letter
2 Where is she skating? She is skating in the park
3 What are they doing? They are doing  homework
4 What  are the children doing? The children are decorating the CT
5 Who is Ann feeding? She is Feeding The bards
6 Where  are the friends taking photos? They are taking photos thee zoo
спасибо большое
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