Постройте отрицательные
предложения и все типы вопросов.

1. He is a dentist.

2. Linda is a student.

3. She is a secretary.

4. They are mechanics.

5. Mr. Owen is a manager.

6. We are in the bank.

7. They are in the office.

8. He is intelligent.

9. I am right.

10. Jack is an engineer.

11. Paris is a capital.

12. Silver is a metal.

13. The Tate Gallery is a museum.

14. You are ill.

15. She is a cook

16. We are doctors.

17. He is a sportsman.

18. We are in the cafe.

19. Michael Jackson and Madonna are

20. He is 5.

21. I am a teacher.


Ответы и объяснения

1. He isn't dentist
2.Linda isn't a student
3.She isn't a secretary
4.They aren't mechanics
5.Mr. Owen isn't a manager
6.We aren't in the bank
7.They aren't in the office
8.He isn't intelligent
9.I am not right
10.Jack isn't an engineer
11.Paris isn't a capital
12.Silver isn't a metal
13.The Tate Gallery isn't a museum
14.You aren't ill
15.She isn't  a cook
16.We aren't doctors
17.He isn't a sportsman
18.We aren't in the cafe
19.Michael Jackson and Madonna aren't singers
20.He isn't 5
21.I am not a teacher

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