ПОМОГИТЕЕ ПОЖАЛЯЯЯ, ООЧЕНЬ НАДОО поставьте глаголы в нужную форму.
Sam's mother did not let sam come late to dinner. He was 1.(not allow) 2.(speak) during his meal. Yesterday he 3.(be) late as usual. Everybody 4.(enjoy) their meal for some time when sam 5.(run) into the dining room. He 6.(breathe) heavily and looked excited. He 7.(break) the rule of silence at dinner, but his mother said: you was 8.(not remember) the rule? All through the dinner she 9.(see) sam 10.(smile) to himself. It 11.(make) her curious. After the dinner 12.(finish) sam said that little Bess 13.(throw) an inkpot on the floor and then 14.(take) the mother's favourite blouse to wipe the ink spots. The mother 15.(punish) for her own strict rules.


Ответы и объяснения

1) wasn't allowed
2) to speak
3) was
4) were
5) ran
6) was breathing
7) had broken
8) -
9) saw
10) smiling
11) made
12) was finished
13) had thrown
14) took
15) punished