сколько примерно реплик?

Ответы и объяснения

- Hello mr Smith
- How do tou do, mr Brown
- It was so good to visit your country. You have so many places of interest!
- Oh, our country is really nice. And Russia is beatufil too.
- Why? I'm really confused
- There are lots of churches in Russia. And our country doesn't have such variety of churches
.- And your country is a centre of intensive swap
.- Bars, cafes, restaurants... It's boring...
- Oh, it is really hot here!
- And there is snow in Russia! Am I right?
- Yeah, warm clothes and tea... Like a dream
- And we have sun every day and every season.
- The same situation.
- What?
- Sometimes we haven't enough snow even to play snowballs.
- Strange weather.
- Yes, like in England. It's funny.
- I would like to visit many places of interest.
- Oh, and I have no any free time to speak
- Bye, bye