Напишите сочинение на тему «люди слишком сильно полагаются на технологии» ~150 слов.


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Люди слишком сильно полагаются на технологии.
People they are such beings can do anything! But there are rules and laws. In ancient times, the king relied on the squad and the rich and influential people. And now, many people such as students rely on machines-computers steal other works of other people on the Internet! Or sick people really want to recover and believe only in good equipment and not the doctors OR because the machine is not a man she no brain that make a person think and grow! People should do everything and improve your mind activity and intellect! Grandfathers and grandmothers they live and enjoy life. Arrived at the cottage, and gathered the harvest manually sat down to a hundred and eat fresh vegetables and fruits alive and healthy and then books honored! Now I live not complaining many books read to know a lot ,but interesting books better than the movies, computers, televisions, cinemas! Here's ballet theatre musicals.