помогите))) I (to play) chess tomorrow. 2. I (not to play) chess tomorrow. 3. You (to play) chess tomorrow? 4. He (to play) chess every day. 5. He (not to play) chess every day. 6. He (to play) chess every day? 7. They (to play) chess now. 8. They (not to play) chess now. 9. They (to play) chess now? 10. Nick (to go) to the park now. 11. Nick (to go) to school every day. 12. Nick (to go) to school tomorrow. 13. You (to come) to my place next Sunday? 14. You (to read) this book next week? 15. You (to read) books every day? 16. You (to read) a book now? 17.1 (not to see) him tomorrow. 18. What you (to do) tomor­row? 19. What your friend (to do) tomorrow? 20. Where you (to go) next summer? 21. Where you (to go) every morning? 22. Where you (to go) now? 23. Look! Mary (to dance). 24. She (to dance) every day. 25. She (to dance) tomorrow?


Ответы и объяснения

1) will play 2)will not play 3) Will you play 4) plays 5) doesn't 6)Does he play 7)are playing 8) aren't playing 9) are they playing 10) is going 11) goes 12) will go 13) will you come 14) will you read 15) do you read 16) are you reading 17) will not see 18) will you do 19) will your friend do 20) will you go 21) do you go 22) are you going 23)is dancing 24) dances 25)will she dance