Составьте вопросы с предложенными словами. Используйте “is” и “are”.

1. (at home / your mother?)

2. ( your parents / well?)

3. ( interesting / your job?)

4. ( the shops / open today)

5. ( interested in sport / you?)

6. ( near here/ the post office?)

7. ( at school / your children?)

8. ( why / you late?)

9. (where / Ann from?)


Ответы и объяснения

1. You mother at home?
2.Your are  parents well?
3. Your job is interesting?
4. The Shops is  open today?
5. You interested is in sport?
6. The post office is near here?
7. Your children are  at school?
8. Why is  you  late?
9. Where is  Ann From?
Лучший Ответ!
1.Is your mother at home?
2.Are your parents well?
3.Is your job interesting?
4.Are the shops open today?
5.Are you interested in sport?
6.Is the post office near here?
7.Are your children at school?
8.Why are you late?
9.Where is Amm from?