Задать вопросы и ответить на них 1.Can i ,,,,,,,,,,,,2.Should we ........3.Must we.......4.May she.......


Ответы и объяснения

Can I swim in this river? - Yes, I can. No,I can't. Should we throw away a litter? - No, we shold't. Yes, we should. Must we do the homework.  - Yes, we must. No, we must not.  May she coming? - Yes, she may. No,she may not.
Can I come in? Yes you can You can come in.
Should we open the window? No we sholdn't. We shouldn't open the window because it is too cold outside.
Must we wash the dishes after dinner? Yes we must. We must wash the dishes after dinner.
May she stay over night at our house? Yes she may. She may stay over night at our house