Помогите плиз с английским!!! Очень
Помогите плиз с английским!!! Очень срочно!! Вся надежда тольо на вас))
open th brackets using an appropriate Future-tense-form where necessary.
1) i (take) my sun-glass in case it is sunny.
2. I don't think I can join you because my aunt and uncle (stay) with us this weekend.
3. You don't work in class! I (phone) your mother about this.
4. I (watch) television from eight o'clock to midnight.
5. When you (repair) my bike, Daddy?-I (do) it tomorrow if I have time.
6. It's so crowded iin here. I think, I (faint).-I (take) you outside for a while.
7. I din't know when the concert (be) over.
8. If he doesn't come I (be) upset.
9. B the end of the summer he (teach) m to work with the computer.
10. Have a good time in Italy!-Thanks. I (send) you a postcard.
11. I think you (like) Nick when you met him.
12. I (cook) spaghetti in case you get hungry.
13. I feel terrible. I think I (have) to go to bed.

А что сделать то надо не понела ._.?
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Ответы и объяснения

1 will take
2 will stay
3 will phone
4 will watching
5  will repair
6 will faint, will take
7  will be
8 will be
9 will teaching
10 will send
11 will like
12 will cook
13 will have