напишите текст на английском языке про любого животного из красной киги (что-нибудь для 8 класса) предложени1 20-25 что-нибудь не сложное!!


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Зубр / Bison


Bison - the kind of bulls. Is the heaviest and largest land mammals of Europe.Appearance Bison - a big bull with a tight long hair that covers the entire upper body. The head of a bison is big, massive, and indeed the animal weighs about a ton. So to this with bad intentions is better not to approach.


The animal by nature good, very one would not hurt, but can answer. People watching the animals, they say that their lifestyle somewhat monotonous. But in this I think you should not worry because the animal is very quiet, monotonous way of life here is appropriate. but the fact that they have little, then it is worth considering. Why do they become a little? All this because of World War II. After graduation, the number of bison was so small that all of them can be counted on the fingers, the animals simply fell under the bullets and died. After the Second World War, decided in the Bialowieza Forest, it was decided to create a reserve for the breeding of this species.