Поставьте прилагательные вскобках в нужной форме:

1. Tom is (tall) than Richard.

2. Tom is the (tall) boy in the class.

3. Jack is (rich) than Richard.

4. Robert is the (noisy) boy than I know.

5. This text is (difficult) than text one.

6. This is the (wonderful) and the (beautiful) film I have ever seen.

7. These are the (bad) cigarettes I have ever smoked.

8. I am (bad) dancer than Ann.

9. Boys are always (noisy) than girls.

10. He is as (tired) as you.


Ответы и объяснения


Tom is taller than Richard

Tom is the highest in the class

Jack is richer than Richard

Robert is the noisiest boy that I know

This test is more difficult than a test one

This is the the most  wonderful and the most beautiful film I have ever seen

These are the the worst cigarettes I have ever smoked

I'm worse dancer than Ann

Boys are always noisier than girls

He is as tired as you