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1. perfect infinitive fative  to have missed

2. continuous infinitive  active to be changing

3. inderfinite passive infinitive to be done

4. perfect infinitive active  to have left

5. continuous infinitive  active to be snowing


1. to be heard (inderfinite passive infinitive )

2. to listen to you (inderfinite  infinitive active)

3. be done (inderfinite passive infinitive ) внимание после can без to!!!!

4. to take (inderfinite  infinitive  active)

5.to be taken (inderfinite passive infinitive )

6. to be brought (inderfinite passive infinitive )

7.to write (inderfinite infinitive  active)

8. to have bought ( perfect infinitive active  )

9. to be raining (continuous infinitive  active )

10.to have forgotten (perfect infinitive active  )

11. to be reading (continuous infinitive  active )


1. to be studing (continuous infinitive  active )

2. to have  worked/ to have been working  (perfect infinitive active/ perfect continuous infinitive  active  )

3. to be lost (inderfinite passive infinitive ) to find (inderfinite  infinitive  active)

4. to be overestimated (inderfinite passive infinitive )

5. to have  been flying ( perfect continuous infinitive  active )

6. to have learnt(perfect infinitive active  )

7. to have changed (perfect infinitive active  )

8. to have sold  out(perfect infinitive active  )