Проверти плизз текст вот этот правильно я написал ли реферат про праздник.
Hi!Today I will talk about one of the most important days in Russia. This day is called the eighth of March. On this day, always give flowers to women and girls. On this day, women and girls have a rest and do not work as a den.Etot holiday lasts only a day. When the holiday comes all start to buy flowers and give them to. This holiday is the best Women's Day because it can relax both men and women from work or in the extreme measures they are going to work at home and do everything for women.


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Витя у тебя всё правильно!

ладно спас
тигран ты сам англ знаешь
да и на 5 и на 4
а я нашол ошибку не в марте он идет а в мае