Представьте, что вы Том или Бекки. Создайте краткую запись в дневнике о вашем проведённом времени в пещере. (оригинал во вложениях)
текст тоже)


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I left Becky and went on an exploring expedition; I followed two avenues and as I  followed a third to the fullest stretch of the kite-line, I glimpsed a speck that looked like daylight. So I pushed my head and shoulders through a small hole, and I saw the broad Mississippi rolling by! I went back for Becky and broke the good news and she told me  not to fret her with such stuff, for she was tired, and knew she was going to die. Then I labored with her and convinced her; and how she almost died for joy when she actually saw the blue speck of daylight. I pushed my way out at the hole and then helped her out. Then we sat there and cried for gladness. And some men came along in a skiff and I hailed them and told them our situation and our  famished condition. But the men didn't believe the wild tale at first, but then they gave us supper, made us rest till two or three hours after dark and then brought us home.