Помогите плииииз срочно нужен короткий доклад на английском языке о Борисе Годунове.


Ответы и объяснения

Boris Godunov was born in 1552. According to legend Godunovs descended from Tatar Prince Chet , who came to Russia during the reign of Ivan Kalita. This legend is listed in the annals of the early 17th century . By sovereign rodoslovtsu 1555 Godunovs ( as Saburovy , Sonya ) are derived from Dmitry Grains . They were , apparently , Kostroma votchinniki . With all the support of this view is not excluded that some truth contained in the legend about Chet . It is no accident the founders of individual branches were named Chet descendants of Tatar origin ( Sabur , Guodong ) .
Father BF Godunov died in the late 60s . Son became oprichnik . Married the daughter of the king's favorite Malyuta Skuratov . Since the beginning of 1570 -ies. marks the rise of Godunov . Himself Boris Fedorovich , although became a boyar in September 1580, but in the circle of close people Tsar Ivan the Terrible was not yet come . At least , at the wedding of the king with Maria Nagaya ( November 1580 ) , he was awarded only be " best man " queen. But indicative of the increased role of the family : this wedding was attended by the whole clan Godunov . They are slowly but surely climbing the hierarchy : at the end of the 1570s - early 1580s . they won several parochial affairs , finding quite a strong position among the Moscow elite.
Boris Godunov was clever and cautious , trying from time to time to keep in the shade. His sister Irina was married the king's son , Fyodor. Rise of Godunov - the fruit of historical accident and simultaneously self- manifestation of the general laws of Russian society. Would have remained in the history of Boris one of many Godunovs if November 9, 1581 in the suburb of Alexander the king is not a quarrel with his son Ivan . Terrible hit his stick and hit in the head , and ten days later (November 19 ) the prince died . With the death of Ivan heir to the throne was Fedor .