1) many students have to seek ... after college
a) employer b) employee c) unemployed d) employment

2) the actors in the film are completely ...
a) knew b) unknown c) knowing d) disknown

3) some sea creatures live in the most ... places
a) likeable b) likely c) disliking d) unlikely

4) many old people think life was a lot ... than it is today
a) best b) gooder c) better d) well

5)in the picture you can see the woman ...
a) shopping b) to do the shopping c) to go to the shop d) to shop

6) the child was punished for his ...
a) misbehaviour b) disbehaviour c) misbehaved d) disbehaved


Ответы и объяснения

1) d employment
2) b unknown
3) d unlikely
4) c better
5) a shopping
6) a misbehaviour