1. Завершите следующие предложения, использовав наиболее подходящие формы глаголов.

1. Jack has got a headache. He … sleep well recently.
a) can’t
b) couldn’t have
c) hasn’t been able to

2. I … sleep for hours when I was a little girls.
a) could
b) am able to
c) can

3. Tom … play tennis well but he … play a game yesterday because he was ill.
a) couldn’t, could
b) can, was able
c) can, couldn’t

4. I didn’t want to be late for the meeting. We … meet at 5 sharp.
a) were to
b) had to
c) could

5. Where are my gloves? — I … put them on because it’s cold today.
a) can’t
b) have to
c) needn’t

6. You … take an umbrella today. The Sun is shining.
a) needn’t
b) mustn’t
c) can’t

7. I’m sorry, you didn’t invite me to your birthday party. You … invite me next time.
a) must
b) should
c) need to

8. Well, it’s 10 o’clock. I … go now.
a) can
b) has to
c) must

9. You … smoke so much.
a) would
b) can’t
c) shouldn’t

10. We have got plenty of time. We … hurry.
a) must
b) needn’t
c) should


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