Gillian Brown

I love all kinds of animals
Dogs and cats and rabbits.
I love all kinds of animals,
Despite their little habits.

If I had tons of money,
D'you know what I would do?
I would buy lots of animals
And have my own zoo.

But they wouldn't be in cages,
They would be free to run around.
And there's one thing they could fell
And that is safe and sound.
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Ай лайк алл киндс оф энималс догс энд кэтс эгд рэбитс ай лове киндс оф энималс  деспите зеир лител хэбитс
нет. вы меня не так поняли! мне нужен перевод типа ай Лайк ту зе кэт энд дог...
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