Ответы и объяснения

Everybody knows that sport is an important part of healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, there are many opportunities nowadays to do different types of sports. First of all, we always have lessons of physical education at school. Secondly, from the very childhood I attend martial arts, to be precise karate lessons. It’s one of my favourite types of pastime. I’ve had several teachers and all of them were highly professional. Another sport that I enjoy is swimming. I’m just an amateur, and I often go to the nearest swimming-pool. Luckily in summer I get a chance to swim in the open sea. I’m not the only sport lover in our family. My younger brother is also keen on sport. His favourite sport is tennis and he is really good at it. Besides doing sports, I like watching different games on TV. Every winter, for example, I watch figure skating, skiing and hockey championships. In summer I enjoy watching football and rowing. Besides active games, there are also some other types of games which also refer to sports, among them chess, backgammon, billiards, air hockey, bowling and others. When I have free time I do play these games with my friends. I don’t think there are any types of sport which I don’t like.